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PraivoFix, A Praivo Company.

Your Security, is our Priority

Where supply meets install. One of the fastest growing SMART Security Suppliers is proud to announce PraivoFix. The installation service the industry lacks, with a touch of concierge. Reliable and robust supply chain partnered with knowledgable and friendly integrators who take pride in their installations.

Fast Response

With PraivoFix you can expect fast response support anytime, anywhere. Your security is our priority so when you have questions regarding your system, you know you can rely on Praivo to get this addressed.

No Extra Monthly's

Getting a system from Praivo won't incur you any extra monthly costs. Other installers make most of their revenue on the additional monthly costs as per your system costs. With us its a one off cost, and thats it.

Tried, Tested and Trusted.

Thankfully we have a loyal and die-hard customer base and we do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy. We're tried, tested and trusted so you can be rest assured the quality of service you receive will be high.

"Well where do I start, Praivo surveyed me sameday, I got the quote within 30 minutes and I was booked in within the hour. The service was ultra fast, don't get me wrong I checked the pricing and it was one of the best deals on the table. But they were fast and reactive, no one could match that support and service"

David Hemmingway, Stanmore

"A. Damn. Good. Image. I'm a technology freak and I love my tech in my home, It had to be the guys at Praivo that got this system installed and set up for me"

Ben Loveby, Denham

"They know what they're doing thats for sure. From design, to implementation they put in a system that works for me but more importantly delivers me the information required to run my business. They trained my team at a pace that was good for them also"

Gemma S, Costa Coffee

Did you know we're neighbourhood watch friendly?

It's a Praivo takeover

We do system takeover's also! So if you have an existing CCTV, Intruder Alarm or even SMART home system we can take over and maintain/add to your existing system without the need for a complete brand new system - Saving you money.

Reliable Backbone

We're a distributor by heart. So you can be rest assured that PraivoFix has supply chain backing knowing stock will be available anytime, anywhere. Without the typical installer issues and waiting for replacements during warranty periods.

You're ready for the future, with us.

Everything from our online store, to the quote you receive to even the system we install has been designed for your mobile, tablets and computers meaning you're ready for the future, now. Not later.

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