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Wireless, now Wire...Free - APro Connec by APro

by Jayson Kandiah on March 23, 2019

It's the age-old misconception. Wireless solutions do you have one Praivo?

It's with good reasoning we haven't stocked wireless solutions because if the purpose of easing installation times and work is the most important then wireless truly isn't the solution. One way or another the user is still expected to run a cable for power to each of the cameras which proves pointless especially when you consider that most current technologies in CCTV only require one wire to seamlessly transmit power and video. If it's going to be wireless then it has to be genuinely wire...less. 

Anyway, here's the good news! APro now has a new solution for this. 

APro Connec, the new wirefree solution by APro. 

Completely wire free or wireless as they say and can be installed in a fraction of the time of a conventional system. Install the APro Connec cameras to the wall, Power on the APro Connec recorder and the system will automatically pair and display the installed cameras feeds. A conventional 4 camera system can take over 6-8 hours to install depending on the install location. However, with APro Connec we can see close to 30-45 minutes for a full install to be completed. 

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