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Case Study #1

by Jayson Kandiah on May 24, 2019

This is a residential installation in Uxbridge. We are installing bullet cameras on the main property as it is a large ground. Bullets have the longest range out of all the fixed cameras we sell whilst having the motorized function that allows the camera to be controlled from the user’s app.

Also, anti-vandals are being used on the gate at the front of the property, due to its low altitude and the close proximity of the property, we chose the anti-vandal as it’s suitable because it cannot be tampered with.

Four of the bullet cameras have been installed onto the house viewing all sides of the home. This creates strong protection and viewing perimeter around the home for the client.

We have assigned 2 of our engineers onto the site to ensure that the job is done quickly whilst still being to a professional standard. With both working hard to run cable and fix cameras onto the building it will be finished within the day.

We are using soffit to run the cabling to give a clean tidy finish. Also, conduit and cable clipping to run cable because the majority of the cable is run on the outside of the property to ensure the job is spotless.

The cable we are using is RG59 plus two core shotgun cable terminated with 3-piece BNC crimps and a power distribution box is being used to power the cameras. 

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