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Alarm Systems Vs CCTV Systems

by Jayson Kandiah on May 13, 2019
If you are considering either CCTV or Alarm system for the protection of your property, we thought we should help. We have devised an article that shows you the advantages and disadvantages of both parties so that you can carefully figure out what is best for you and your situation.

A CCTV system is constructed of various parts and pieces of equipment that allows the system to work to the best of its ability. It is built of a video recorder, the brains of the works, the cameras themselves, a hard drive for storage and cables.

An Alarm System is composed of sensors and sirens that detect criminals and alert others. The main brains of an alarm system is the control panel that arms and disarms the sensors at times you set up or manually activate. Then there are the sensors that detect doors or window being opened and trigger the alarm. The alarm is used to notify surrounding neighbours and possibly the emergency services.

But which system is better for protecting your home. Keep reading to find out all the points you will need to know about each system.


1. Constant Protection

An alarm system will be in constant protection of your property or in the hours you set the system to be running. You can set the system to be going all hours of the day if you left a property for some while or you could arm the system once you leave. Either way, the system is at your constant will to protect your property.

2. Deterrent

An alarm system generally has a bell box on the front of the property. This can be for the advertisement of the installation company but is most commonly used as a deterrent for those who are looking to break in or rob the place. An obvious alarm system can help turn criminals away just by being present.

3. Relocation


The components of the alarm system are usually quite simple. You can disconnect the sensors and the bell box and either move them from property to property or just switch the positioning around the property if you notice more activity on one side. It’s easy to relocate both wired and wireless system.


1. False Alarms

Alarm security systems are prone to false alarms. There are motion sensors are placed around the property, if residential, could possibly be set off by a pet or a family member entering. If business property, the alarm could be triggered by an employee. There are also situations where the alarm is triggered by itself with no reason. Also, because of frequent alarm systems going off, if the system is not linked to the emergency services, it would likely be ignored by everyone in the area.

2. Can be Stolen

An alarm system can be stolen from the site where it was installed. Wireless systems are easier to disconnect but even a wired system can be removed. Some security alarm systems are connected to the phone line which can be cut to turn off your whole system. All monitoring and communication are there for terminated.

3. Ongoing Costs

A monitored alarm system can become relatively expensive just to have someone alerted if the alarm is in fact triggered. An ongoing monthly cost can amount to a great price even if the alarm system itself is never actually used to prevent crime.


1. Strong Deterrent

CCTV Cameras offer a strong deterrent to a crime being committed wherever they are used. If on a residential property it can deter criminals from every side of the property. Once noticed by the criminal they then realise they are constantly being watched. The cameras infer the presence of the law and are much less likely to target your property.

2. Provides Evidence

If the cameras are ignored and the crime still takes place in the view of the cameras, then they can be used as strong evidence in a police investigation. This can be extremely helpful in the likely case that there are no witnesses or if a witness is an unreliable source. Also, a person could possibly be identified in the CCTV footage or an image of the criminal’s face can be spread around the area either to inform people others of his potential danger or by actually having outside witnesses help in the person’s arrest.

3. Monitor Property from Anywhere

CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world if the CCTV system is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can check the front door from your bed in the morning. Check the premises in your bed during the night. And check on the surroundings while you're abroad. This allows you to have peace of mind while you're anywhere away from your property.


1. Invasion of Privacy

Employees, residents, the general public, these are all people who may not be happy to be filmed. This could be outside your business property or outside your residential property. It could monitor a slight part of someone else's property which may upset other residents.

2. Distrust

Employees or neighbours may feel like you don’t trust them once you install CCTV. If you randomly get CCTV installed into your business office, then your employees may take it the wrong way and believe you want to watch them which may make them uncomfortable. Or if you start filming outside the front of your house, your neighbours may believe you're attempting to catch them.
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