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Our new buying experience, available today.

by Nirooshan Jeevarajah on April 08, 2020

Beautiful new product pages with concise information

Infographics delivering the most important details about your brand new system

and if that’s not enough, you’ll have the intricate specification points about your system along with the most frequently asked questions all answered at your fingertips

Amidst all the negative news in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. we wanted to release some news about a major change we are making about the way we will deliver our renowned customer experience to our customers. You may have seen some major changes being made on our web platform and these changes are ongoing to run in parallel with the new automated but more informative buying experience we set out to deliver in 2020.


Customers can now visit our website, choose their ideal system be it CCTV, Intruder Alarms or even Smart Doorbells. Tailor it to suit their needs, and checkout all on the website. Customers can pay for their system in full, pay a deposit or pay via instalments through Klarna. We feel this will be a true game changer in the way security systems can be purchased from Praivo but also pave the way we want the industry to go, going forward.

Siddarth Srinivasan, part of Operational Development for Praivo says, “It enables us to offer intricate, tangible solutions easier to our clients so that we can focus on innovating and improving our products and services. This gives more transparency to our customers and also gives us the advantage of maintaining clarity in the pipeline, we really hope our new and existing customers enjoy using the newly revised platform.”


Changes are still ongoing and we are constantly taking feedback on how we can improve both our offline and online services. If you have any feedback, do let us know by emailing feedback@praivo.com.


We’d also like to send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by COVID-19, we wish those affected a speedy recovery. Praivo is currently operating at a reduced capacity to ensure customers and our team are protected and safe.


Thank you.


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